Family caregivers are the unsung heroes in today’s society. Caregiving of a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be a rewarding but daunting task. It is not a one-person job. Caregiving works best when it’s a team effort, when family members and the health care team collaborate together.

Through CaregiverFamilies.com and her award-winning book, Elegy for Mom: A Memoir of Family Caregiving, Alzheimer’s, and Devotion, Vicki Kaufmann hopes to provide “tender loving care,” support for the caregiver, and practical tools and resources to educate family members about Alzheimer’s and related dementia. Her mission is to provide information on the stages of Alzheimer’s, better coping methods, and assurance, so you know you are not alone in this journey.

Vicki and her mother

My mother and I

Vicki Kaufmann, MA, MPSt, is a retired certified family life educator and counselor. She discovered great joy and blessings in the seven-year period, from 1999–2006, when she was a caregiver for her elderly parents. Her mother suffered from vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. Read about Vicki’s journey.

Vicki knows the importance of a family support system, having counseled hundreds of couples and families during her twelve years as a certified family life educator, and marital and family counselor. In addition, she has over thirty years experience in nonprofit management, professional fundraising, community and public relations, and collaborating with numerous social service and ecumenical organizations.

On a bi-monthly basis, Vicki will send a blog/newsletter giving her candid, practical, and sometimes light-hearted perspective in addressing the tremendous challenges facing caregiver families. Occasionally, Vicki will interview family members and professionals in the field to get their recommendations for helping you live your best possible life in your role as caregiver.

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