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For many years of her professional career, Vicki was a certified family life educator and counselor. During a fifteen-year period, she designed and facilitated about a hundred innovative workshops and programs geared to help families and individuals.

With this blog, Vicki establishes another opportunity to affirm families, especially those who care for loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her first-hand experience as a caregiver to her elderly parents will be the base of her sharing. Her goal is to help educate, support, affirm, and encourage caregivers, from those just beginning their caregiving journey, to those further along the way. She hopes her website will help you maintain your health and well-being, as well as avoid caregiving burnout.

Vicki will not send out her blog more than twice a month, some months only once. She believes it is her obligation to provide her audience, YOU, with useful, practical information. If you want to receive it, please sign up on the e-mail list. If you know others who could benefit, please tell your friends and family, forward the blog to them, and share Vicki’s articles on social media.

Communication is a two-way relationship. Vicki welcomes and appreciates your feedback and reactions. She would also love to know what you find helpful in your caregiving experience. You can e-mail her at:

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