Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Dance!

In life, on good days or bad, you just have to either dance away your troubles or boogie in your joys. I say, “Dance, dance, dance!” If you can’t dance, then, “Sing, sing, sing!”

Colors of Happiness

Colors of Happiness


Music has played a prominent part in the life of my family. My parents were musicians and singers. I had the privilege during my younger years to learn piano, organ, French horn, trumpet, violin, and guitar. I currently sing in a women’s a cappella chorus, South Florida Jubilee, for fun and relaxation! I recently discovered that singing burns 130 calories an hour.


Music helps create and evoke memories that last a lifetime. During one of my visits with Mom, we were sitting in her room at the assisted living facility where she lived after Dad’s death. She was in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s. We were listening to a classical music CD of waltzes. Mom was a classical music lover ever since I can remember. Suddenly, she grabbed my hands, stood up, and started dancing with me around her room, in time to the strains of the waltz. Mom had come alive! It is a precious memory that I will never forget! In fact, I wrote a poem about it in October, 2003, that I would like to share here. It is one of the poems to be printed in my upcoming memoir.

The Spontaneous Dance

 The recorded music began playing.

She held out her arms spontaneously

To take the lead in a magical dance

To Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.”


We tripped the light fantastic,

Laughing, like giddy girls at play,

Spinning, twirling around her room,

Without a care in the world!


According to researchers of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, “Familiar and likable music has in many instances reduced depression, lessened agitation, increased sociability, movement, and cognitive ability, and decreased problem behaviors.”

My advice, dear friends, is to put aside your worries each day for a few minutes. Find music that “moves” you. Then snap your fingers, tap your toes, and dance away your cares! Even better, sing along as you dance! I guarantee that those few minutes will reduce physical tension and anxiety, and refresh your bank of wellness inside your soul.

Shake It Off, by Karin Beate Nosterud

Shake It Off, by Karin Beate Nosterud

May you find peace, patience, and joy in your caregiving today and everyday!

*  *  *

To hear Amadeus Mozart’s, “Allegro,” from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” check out this YouTube video of the Les Dissonances string orchestra:


 *  *  *

To put another smile on your face, listen and watch Paul Simon sing on the “Sesame Street Show” with youngsters dancing:

 *  *  *

Lose your blues to this “Dancing at the Movies” music video:


  1. Marion says

    I listen to music when I walk. Helps clear my head every morning and start the day on a great note (pun intended).

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